Residential Septic Services

Holding Tanks, Septic Tanks & Septic Fields

Holding Tanks

Property owners with less than two acres of land are required to install a holding tank. A holding tank has only one compartment. Once the level reaches its maximum capacity it needs to be pumped out. Popular sizes are 1,500 gallons 2,000 gallons and 2,500 gallons.

Septic Tanks & Fields 

Property owners that have septic tanks typically have more than two acres of land.  Septic tanks have two chambers. One side is the solid side and the other side is the grey water which gets pumped out to the septic field.

Some houses have the pump in the tank and the others have it in the house. The float tells the pump when to pump the liquid out to the septic field. Typically a household of four or more people should be serviced once per year. Less than four people in a household can be serviced every second year.

24 / 7 Emergency Service

Most emergencies are caused when the float fails to engage the pump or the pump stops operating.

Years with high water levels and winter can also cause the unexpected. Rolly's Septic Service is here to help.

If you have an emergency call 204-878-3338.